Monday, July 6, 2015


July 6, 2015

Greetings from São Paulo, Brasil!  We had another good week with some great opportunities! 

We went to the temple this week with a bunch of our recent converts and the members of our ward which was awesome!  The people here in São Paulo are so blessed to have a temple so close.  All of our recent converts, particularly Ana, really enjoyed the temple!

We had a great training for all of our ward missionaries about how they can better share the gospel.  They all received it really well and some even bore their testimonies in sacrament meeting the next day about what they learned!
This is my last email from the mission field.  For all back home, I want everyone to know that I know that the Savior lives.  He lives and loves us.  I know that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ upon the Earth and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today and the convincing evidence of all of this is the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, which is indeed the word of God.  I know all of this without a shadow of a doubt and my mission has reinforced these principles.  I know now that I am the man God wants me to be.  I challenge every worthy and able young man to serve a mission, because I too made the decision to serve, a decision which I have never or will ever regret.

Your friend,
Elder Carter David Morgan

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