Monday, April 28, 2014

new companion

Greetings from Chino, CA!  Things are going great out here!  I met my new missionary this week, his name is Elder Robertson!  Fun fact, his dad and my dad both served in the Veracruz, Mexico mission around the same time!  Crazy!  Elder Robertson is super cool and is really eager to learn and be a great missionary!  We've already gotten a lot of good work done together and it's only going to get better!

One of my favorite parts of being a missionary is that we get to invite others to come to Christ at any place or at any time.  We've had a lot of cool opportunities to teach people in really unconventional locations this week.  We taught two young fathers in their garage about the Plan of Salvation while we sat in camping chairs, that was pretty cool.  We also met a man outside of a trailer park who talked to us for a while and he said that he wanted to get close to God but he didn't know how so we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and told him to read and pray about it.  He told us that he hadn't prayed in two years and we said that today was an excellent time to change that and he said his first prayer on the spot!  We also got to teach a man who said his first prayer with a Book of Mormon in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  It's been a really cool week!

We continue to make good progress with our investigators.  We're looking at some baptisms in the near future!  It's going to be exciting!  I'm grateful for this opportunity I have to be out here serving the Lord.

Your friend,
Elder Carter David Morgan