Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Buddy, Where Are Your Pants"

What up, party people?  I'm still here and kicking in Hesperia, CA.  Fun news: It rained this week!  And by rained I mean it kinda sprinkle, but it was considered a torrential downpour by California standards.  It was actually cool to hear all the prayers said by those we met with.  Everyone here was so thankful for the rain when we just kind of take it for granted back in Washington.

Aside from the rain, it's been pretty dang hot.  Elder Brown and I are still tearing it up though.  We've had a lot of opportunities to minister to the active members of our ward throughout the week.  Just last night we were able to give a priesthood blessing to one of the women in our ward.  Her husband is often away at work so she doesn't have the priesthood in her home so she very much appreciated our service.

Last night we had dinner with a super cool family.  They were tons of fun and had three kids all under the age of four.  Things got hilarious as the night proceeded.  To culminate the hilarity, the three year-old boy wanted to use the bathroom but it was too dark upstairs.  His mom told him to just go pee in the dirt in the backyard.  You would not believe how happy this boy got when he found out that was allowed.  He bolted out the door to wiz to his heart's content.  Well, jump forward about ten minutes later when we're in discussion with the parents.  Elder Brown turns to the glass door and says, "What the heck?  Buddy, where are your pants?" and we see that the kid is standing at the door without pants or underwear on.  He points to a spot in the yard to indicate where he's left his pants and when questioned why they're over there he says, "Because that's where I pooped!"  Apparently this kid had taken the approval to pee in the dirt as also license to poop in the grass.  That was pretty funny.

We found a family to teach this week!  The husband is less-active but the wife and children are non-members!  They were super cool and fed us Mexican food!  The guy is a chef at a country club so it was super good!  We have an appointment with them tomorrow night!

Last week I won the Hesperia B Zone Magic Tournament and officially earned the bragging rights and a sick title.

Tomorrow is our zone meeting and Elder Brown and I have been asked to give a thirty minute training on working with members to find people to teach.  I think they've made us train as a retaliation for all the crap we've given them as their roommates, but the jokes on them.  I secretly love training.

I hope all is going well wherever you are.  Wish me luck!

Your friend,
Elder Carter David Morgan

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