Monday, March 23, 2015

New Area!

Greetings from São Paulo, Brasil!  It was a great week this week getting to know the new area!  It´s a lot different from my old area, but it´s really good!  It´s a lot poorer but the people are really humble and ready to listen?

So, what are two of the best things in a mission?  Going back to an old area to visit, and a baptism.  What´s even better?  Doing both at the same time!  Yesterday I got to go back to Novo Osasco and watch Pedro´s baptism!  Pedro´s such a stud with a super strong testimony.  He gave up a lot to join the church and I´m sure that if the ward takes good care of him that he´ll stay firm in the faith.

We´re teaching a lot of good families here!  The only problem is that that none of them are married legally so we´ve got to get on that.  They all really want to be baptized and are coming to church, they just can´t be baptized until they get married.  Once they get married it´ll be super sick!

We live in a bit of a nicer house here.  It´s not on the fifth floor of an apartment building without an elevator like the last one, so that´s something.  We also don´t live with another companionship so that gives us a little bit of breathing room.

That´s about it for the week!  Things are going good and we´re excited to be working down here!  Wish me and my companion, Elder Chayson, luck!

Your friend,
Elder Carter David Morgan

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