Monday, January 12, 2015

Another week

Greetings from Osasco, SP!  This week was good!  Elder Guamangallo and I have been focusing on talking with EVERYONE!  Since we live in a pretty big city, "everyone" can mean a lot of people.  The mission has a goal that each companionship should talk with 20 different people each day and this week Elder Guamangallo and I talked with 100 people in one day!  It was awesome!

We were able to teach a mother and her ten year-old daughter this week, which was awesome.  You could really tell during the lesson that she just GOT IT.  She was really interested in reading the Book of Mormon and has promised to come to church this week.  She can´t be baptized yet because she´s living with her boyfriend and they´re not married, which is a huge problem in Brazil.  But you know what´s crazy?  Even though she´s been living with this guy for ten years, out of the blue they decided to go ahead and actually get married about a week before we met them!  They´ve already set a date at the courthouse and everything!  I took this as a big sign that God has been preparing them to meet with us.

It´s been absolutely pouring everyday here, which is good fun.  The good news is that it only usually lasts for two hours or so each day.  The bad news is that you can NEVER TELL WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN.  It´s like a flash flood everyday!

That´s about it!  Thanks for the prayers!

Your friend,
Elder Morgan

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