Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's been a month already!

Sept. 10, 213

Greetings once again from Provo, Utah!  I realized that this Saturday will mark a whole month of me being a missionary!  That's crazy!  The days are long here, but the weeks are short.  Sometimes it seems like the whole MTC has gone by faster than one hour of class, haha.

Things are going well here with my district.  We've made a lot of process and each day I can see little miracles from the Lord helping us to keep going.  We've become more organized and spiritually uplifting.  It's been a great opportunity to serve with them as district leader and I'll be sad once I leave them.  Although, I'm sure that sadness will be balanced out by the thrill of actually going out into the field.  The MTC is great, but we're all just aching to share the Gospel with real people.  Our district will most likely not be going to Brazil at first, though.  None of our visas have come yet and we're not really holding our breath.  We'll be reassigned to a domestic mission until we receive our visas.  We're all really excited, though!  What a blessing to be able to preach the restored Gospel in both your native and your new tongue!  It'll be a great opportunity, no matter where we end up.

I had the good pleasure of seeing Elder Soper, Elder Erickson, and Sister Arnett this week.  It was nice to be able to talk with all of them and to see a little piece of Vancouver here in Provo.  They're all doing great and seemed really happy.  It was cool to be able to welcome Elder Soper and Sister Arnett to the MTC.

We had the opportunity to teach another district that's a week ahead of us the first discussion.  For those of you who don't know, the first discussion is about the Restoration of the Gospel and is my favorite discussion to teach.  We taught individually, not in companionships, and it was so cool to teach.  After I finished the lesson I realized that throughout the 15 minute period that I hadn't thought in English for one bit.  I was able to teach the whole lesson by thinking in Portuguese, not by translating from English to Portuguese in my head.  I've only been here learning Portuguese for three and a half weeks!  It was a testament that the Gift of Tongues is real and that the Lord truly has his hand in this work.

On a side note, the sisters in my district took a picture of me at the temple and have decided that I'm "the face of America's youth," whatever that means.  It's a title I will bear with honor.

Email time is limited here and I have to move my laundry anyway, but I just want to say that the work is great.  I feel bad for any young man that has the opportunity to serve a mission and willingly gives it up.  It's such an amazing opportunity and I can already feel the blessings in my life.

-Elder Carter Morgan

PS--he loves getting mail!

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